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2013-6-24 · Simply take the length from one end to the other, and the width at the widest point. The formula you need then is: Area = 0.8 x Width x Length. Length In Feet. Width In Feet. Total Square Feet. Triangle Areas / Square Footage. Triangles are another fairly simple shape. As illustrated at the right it''s simply a matter of taking the height at the ...

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 · So you would need between 2 and 4 yards, depending on if you wanted it 1 or 2 inches thick. As to how many tons that is, I can only estimate because I do not know the density of pea gravel.

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 · It was told to me that 2-4 inch bedding stone is 1.2 tons per cubic yard. I need to know how to figure that and also for crushed rock, fines, top soil, fill dirt, rip rap,89 stone, 57 stone,and sand. Please help if you can what is the equation I would use to figure these. Re: tons to cubic yards by Robert Fogt on 04/18/05 at 20:29:12 It would ...

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About Sand, dry; 1 cubic meter of Sand, dry weighs 1 631 kilograms [kg] 1 cubic foot of Sand, dry weighs 101.82 pounds [lbs] Sand, dry weighs 1.631 gram per cubic centimeter or 1 631 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of sand, dry is equal to 1 631 kg/m³ Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 101.82 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³], or 0.94278 ounce per ...

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2014-2-7 · Crushed stone, for example, has a density of 100 pounds per cubic foot (lb/ft3), which is 1600 kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3), which is 1.6 metric tons per cubic meter. Packed earth is about 95 ...

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If you''re in the UK, divide by 2200 (there are 2204.62 lb in a metric tonne) You now have your answer in tons per cubic yard (1.15 US tons or 1.04 metric tonnes) If you have any problems using this cubic yards to tons calculator, please contact me.

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2008-6-5 · Asphalt/Paving, Crushed 1 cubic yard = 1,380 lbs Brick, Common Hard 1 cubic yard = 3,199.5 lbs Brick, Whole =1 cubic yard 3,024 lbs Cardboard, Paper =1 cubic yard 100 lbs Ceramic Tile, loose 6" x 6" 1 cubic yard = 1,214 lbs Concrete, Scrap, Loose 1 cubic yard …

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How to Convert Cubic Yard to Ton Register. 1 yd^3 = 0.27 ton reg. 1 ton reg = 3.7037037037 yd^3. Example: convert 15 yd^3 to ton reg: 15 yd^3 = 15 × 0.27 ton reg = 4.05 ton reg.

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Calculate 1B Pea Gravel. Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Gravel Stone in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of 1B Pea Gravel: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t. A:

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Asphalt Tonnage Calculator. Asphalt is a black cementitious material, made by fractional distillation of crude petroleum. This online Asphalt Volume Calculator helps you to estimate the Asphalt tonnage required for making a pavement of a specified length, width and thickness.

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2008-6-5 · Stone or Gravel 1 cubic yard = 2,632.5 lbs Rock, Loose 1 cubic yard = 2,570 lbs Metal Scrap 1 cubic yard = 906 lbs Wood Scrap, Loose 1 cubic yard = 329.5 lbs Conversion factors are those used by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. For a full listing of material types and their volume to weight conversions, visit:

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Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Recycled Materials in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of 2" Minus Road base (RCA): 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t

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Construction Aggregate Calculator. Enter the width, length, thickness, and product density and hit the "Calculate" button to calculate your estimate. If you do not know the product density, use the optional density estimator* or contact a local sales representative.

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 · 2000 square yards * (1/3) yards = 666.67 cubic yards. 666.67 cubic yards / 13 cubic yards/truck = 51.3 trucks. 666.67 cubic yards / 15 cubic yards/truck = 44.4 trucks. So you would need between 45 and 52 truck loads if you wanted the rock 1 foot thick. Replace the actual thickness in the formula above. Re: Cubic Yards to Square Yards.

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2008-6-11 · Re: convert square yards to tons Like John said, you need a depth to convert to cy. If you''re making a gravel drive or lot, let''s say 4 inches (1/9th yard) that means that your 10,000 sy is actually about 1100 cy. at 103 lb per cubic foot, you''re looking at about 1550 tons. keep the 1550 in mind now.

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2007-6-21 · Take total amount of square yards x 9 x depth (4" or 6" or 8",etc) then divide by 324 = cubic yards. 160 sq yds x 9 x 8" thickness / 324 = 35.55 cubic yards of concrete needed for job. For this equation you wil need to turn you acres into square feet, you …

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1 Pounds = 0.000454 Tons: 10 Pounds = 0.0045 Tons: 2500 Pounds = 1.134 Tons: 2 Pounds = 0.000907 Tons: 20 Pounds = 0.0091 Tons: 5000 Pounds = 2.268 Tons: 3 Pounds = 0.0014 Tons: 30 Pounds = 0.0136 Tons: 10000 Pounds = 4.5359 Tons: 4 Pounds = 0.0018 Tons: 40 Pounds = 0.0181 Tons: 25000 Pounds = 11.3398 Tons: 5 Pounds = 0.0023 Tons: 50 Pounds = 0.0227 Tons: 50000 Pounds = 22.6796 Tons: 6 Pounds ...

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2009-9-7 · Use the following calculator to convert between cubic yards and ton registers. If you need to convert cubic yards to other units, please try our universal Capacity and Volume Unit Converter. Type the value in the box next to " cubic yard [yd3] ". The result will …

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Converting Cubic Yards to Tons Most gravel and crushed stone products have similar weights per ton. A general rule of thumb when converting cubic yards of gravel to tons is to multiply the cubic area by 1.4. For your reference, gravel typically weighs 2,800 …

How many cubic yards of 57 stone are in a ton?

2010-3-21 · A cubic foot of dirt is about 100 pounds. To fill a ton, 20 would be needed, but to fill a cubic yard, 27 would be needed. As such, a ton of dirt would only fill about .74 cubic yards.

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10 FT x 10 FT x 0.5 FT = 50 CF / 27 = 1.8 Cubic Yards; Limerock/Granite GAB–How many tons of GAB is needed to construct a 10FT wide x 100FT long Driveway 6 Inches thick? Area[SY] x Thickness[Inch] x 105 LBS / 2000 = Tons of GAB; 10 FT x 100 FT = 1,000 SQFT / 9 = 111 SY x 6 IN x 105 LBS / 2000 = 35 TONS

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This is 83 pounds per cubic foot by 108 cubic feet, for a mass of 8,964 pounds. There are 2,000 pounds per ton, so the conversion from yards to tons is 8,964 divided by 2,000, or 4.5 tons…

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2011-7-13 · This calculator is designed to give the volume in both cubic feet and cubic yards, and the tons of asphalt hot mix required for the form size you have entered. The tonage calculation is specific to asphalt only. In our equations, 1 cubic yard of hot asphalt mix weighs 2.025 tons, or 4050 lbs. To convert standard volumes to tons, use our Master ...

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2012-4-3 · (your cubic yards) x (tons / yard) = your US tons ( your cubic meters ) x ( tonnes / m³ ) = your metric tonnes Below is a chart (it cannot execute any math, it''s just a web page).


2021-6-9 · Density Converter / Metric System / Tonne Per Cubic Meter [t/m³] Online converter page for a specific unit. Here you can make instant conversion from this unit to all other compatible units.

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2  · Crushed Stone. This type of aggregate can be comprised of limestone, granite, gneiss, or trap rock, depending on the quarry. Crushed stone has been carefully screened and sized so that it''s ideally suited for the construction and surfacing of a residential …

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2020-4-2 · What Is the Formula to Convert Cubic Yards Into Tons? If the density of pound per cubic foot is known, then one formula is to multiply the density by 0.0135 (27/2000). Another rule of thumb is cubic yards x 1.4 = tons. The formula varies according to the material type and density.

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Crushed stone is often used as a material for producing concrete. It is also used as a road base, and in some locations it is used for paving roads, for example Russia has over 400,000 km (250,000 mi) of gravel roads. It is a great driveway base material, bike …

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2019-12-20 · Stone or gravel 1 cubic foot 98.00 0.049 FEECO Stone, crushed 1 cubic foot 100.00 0.050 FEECO Stone, crushed, size reduced 1 cubic yard 2,700.00 1.350 Tellus Institute Stone, large 1 cubic foot 100.00 0.050 FEECO Wax 1 cubic foot 61.00 0.031 FEECO Wood ashes 1 cubic foot 48.00 0.024 FEECO AGGREGATE C&D bulk 1 cubic yard 484.00 0.242 FL DEP

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Gabion Stone (65-150mm) 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre. Gabion Stone ( 150-250mm) 1.2 per cubic meter. Lias 2.48 tonnes per cubic metre Granite 2.72 tonnes per cubic metre Slate 2.8 tonnes per cubic metre flint 2.3 tonnes per cubic metre Yorkstone 2.5 tonnes per cubic metre 1 yard of soil = 1.45 tons of soil, please don`t ask how i worked it out

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Anonymous answered. If you are going to buy this from a building materials supplier they use the "formula". Cubic Yards x 1.25 = Weight in tons. They then sell it by the ton. (say $300 per ton) But this is an approximation. If it is one very big river rock it would be a good approximation, but even then it would depend upon the density of the ...

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Volume (Cubic yards) 2.5 cu yd Estimated amount (Pounds) 5,951 lb Estimated amount (Tons)